January 18, 2017

Is Corbyn the Answer?

In Britain and other Western countries people are getting fed up with the political system under which we live.  More and more of us realise that the politicians rule in the interests of the rich and don’t care about the welfare of the great mass of ordinary people.


 Many people who want real, progressive change in society hope that the election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party provides a way forward.  They hope that a future Labour Government will bring about reductions in poverty, more and better housing, save and improve health and welfare services, etc.  But is this likely to happen?


The great majority of Labour Members of Parliament fully support the existing capitalist system which benefits the wealthy few by oppressing and exploiting the rest of us.  They like things the way they are and don’t want any real changes.  Already these Pink Tories have twice tried to get rid of Corbyn as Labour leader.  They seize upon every opportunity to attack him and the mildly progressive policies he advocates.  These people would much rather Labour lose any future election than Labour get elected with Corbyn as leader.


The press and television have been attacking Jeremy Corbyn  ever since he first stood to be Labour Party leader.  Despite all their efforts to undermine him and make him look ridiculous, Corbyn has won the support of a majority of Labour Party members twice.  The media are controlled by the ruling capitalist class, people such as Rupert Murdoch, and do everything possible to defend these parasites however mildly they are criticised.


 In the highly unlikely event of a Labour Government led by Corbyn being elected, the forces of the capitalist class would mobilise to render such a government ineffective.  The senior civil servants would obstruct the implementation of laws passed by Parliament, the judges would make rulings to frustrate any actions hostile to capitalist interests, the military commanders would be uncooperative and the finance capitalists in the City of London would undermine the financial stability of the country.  Any radical Labour Government would quickly become a lame duck.


We must face up to the fact that the enemy we face, the British capitalist class and their lapdog politicians, are a bunch of vicious killers.  Look at the mayhem they have brought about in Afghanistan and the Middle East.  A feeble Labour Government led by pacifist Jeremy Corbyn will not get rid of these scum.

We must come to realise that the only way we can overthrow our oppressors is through revolutionary action to destroy the rule of capital and then build a society to meet the needs of all rather than the enrichment of a few parasites.  Join with us in Revolutionary Praxis in the fight for a better world!