January 18, 2017

Revolting Students

The militant actions by students against the Tory Government’s public spending cuts are showing the way forward.  This massive assault on our living standards will not be defeated by the old, established and largely ineffective forms of protesting.  We need to find new, bold ways of really counterattacking the Government’s assault on us.


 It is not only young people that the Government are targeting.  They are going for most vulnerable groups in society: unemployed, homeless, disabled, sick and old.  The aim is to make us pay for the folly of the reckless and greedy bankers who created the financial crisis.  The last Labour Government bailed out bankrupt banks such as Royal Bank of Scotland and LloydsTSB by borrowing vast amounts of money from other banks.  They used one lot of bankers to prop up another lot of bankers and they are making the rest of us pay the costs.


The Coalition Government led by Cameron and Clegg acted in defence of the interests of the ruling monopoly capitalist class.  These are the tiny minority of the population who own and control most of the economy including financial institutions.  Many of the leading members of that government and the present Tory one are wealthy members of this class who went to elite public schools such as Eton and St. Paul’s.  It is their friends and relations in the City of London who are  responsible for the financial crisis.  It is these people who should pay off the Government’s debts and not the rest of us. 


In order to halt and turn back the Government’s attack on us there needs to be a broad unity of action among those affected.

Students should unite with other people in the Government’s sights, especially workers in the public sector who face massive job losses. This includes non-academic staff in universities and colleges. Around the world, actions by students have often sparked off a wider revolt against oppressive regimes.  These include:

  • The May 4th Movement against imperialism in China in 1919. 
  • The French students in May 1968 whose demonstrations and occupations encouraged millions of workers to take  over their workplaces. 
  • The Greek students in 1973 who fought the Greek army which led to the collapse of the military junta.

In countries such as France, Spain and Greece students have joined with workers, migrants, old people etc. to fight back against the Europe-wide cuts.  Unite and fight!



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