Ruling Political Class Chaos

The government of Theresa May and the Tory Party are in chaos after the shambles of her election ‘victory’. The Conservative Party won more seats then the other parties due to Britain’s antiquated and rigged first past the post system, a system which impressed Hermann Goering. It has no majority in the House of Commons and has lost some of its safest seats to the Labour Party. This is clearly not what the ruling class desired. May is now in no position to govern effectively as she wished when she went to the country for her mandate for the much lampooned and repetitive ‘strong and stable’ leadership in facing the EU Troika. Now she attempts to cobble together a coalition with the fascist, anti-papist, anti-Irish, misogynist, homophobic Democratic Unionist Party. This is an embarrassing step backward for the woman who pushed for the Conservative Party to ditch its socially conservative and bigoted image which she thought had led to it being seen as ‘the Nasty Party’. The knives will soon be wielded by the Tory MP’s and May’s days of wooden and stage managed leadership will be over. Despite this utter shambles the Conservatives are clinging to power. They are trying everything to avoid any kind of alternative government.

While Labour gained less seats it was certainly the victor, taking marginal and safe seats from the Tory Party and increasing its electoral support from 9,347,326 in 2015 to 12,874,985. Much of this could be down to the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn and his left- wing credentials which many will see as providing an opposition to austerity, although the Labour manifesto pretty much accepted it. Now it can appear ‘left’ its support has surged. This is proof of how previously the main political parties’ similarity has led to a fall in support for Labour from its traditional working class base. Even so, working class people are just as likely to vote Tory as they are to vote Labour. It also is a strong indication of the desire for progressive politics to challenge the fanatical austerity and acceptance of poverty and unemployment by the Tory Government. However as Communists we are clear that Labour even under Corbyn cannot offer the solution to the people’s hopes.

The support Corbyn has galvanised is a reflection of the dire need for a new politics in Britain, representing many hopes of working class and middle strata people, yet the Labour leadership has diverted all this down the road of electoralism and compromise. Some of Corbyn’s long term principles and those of his supporters such as opposition to NATO, nuclear weapons and the secret service have been ditched in the name of Party ‘unity’. Most Labour MP’s are thoroughly opposed to Corbyn and are now supporting him in order to get influence if he does form a government. They want to put a break on any move to the left, that is of course if they don’t try to support the Tories as the Blairites will. This is yet another example of the impossibility of introducting socialism through the ballot box and indeed the Labour Party! It is dedicated to lawful Parliamentry work, dedicated to defending the capitalist state and therefore it is basically a party serving capitalist interests. However it is possible that a more leftist Labour government could attempt to implement some reforms in favour of the working class and even weaken British imperialism abroad. Then it would be in direct confrontation with other sections of the state but the Labour leaders would have alreasdy pacified their supporters in advance of this threat as Allende did in Chile.

There is currently some hysteria among the left, in particular the Trotskyites, over Labour’s success and its increased membership of up to 800,000 which they claim proves Labour is a mass movement of the working class. This should be looked at with caution. Most of these new members are middle strata rather than working class, are fairly inactive and only give financial support. There was also the Stop the War mass movement leading protests against the Iraq war but this achieved nothing because of its reformist leadership and tailing of Labour MP’s.

It is clear that this system cannot be reformed in the long-term. It needs to be overthrown through revolution with the working class taking the lead.

Chaos for the ruling class is good for us!