After the British General Election

Unsurprisingly, the British General Election of 8th. June resulted in a considerable victory for the reactionary Conservative Party. This is clearly what was desired by the British ruling class. The new Tory Government will intensify the continuing attack on the rights and living standards of the working class and middle strata. Only the most militant resistance can stem this onslaught.

Some people look to the Labour Party to provide the leadership to thwart the Tory Government’s policies. But Labour is now in disarray following its electoral defeat. Its remaining MP’s are deeply divided between the more left-wing and more right-wing. The Party may even break up into a new “moderate”, centrist party and a more left-wing, social democratic party led by Jeremy Corbyn and co.. Whatever happens, Labour will be incapable of mobilising effective resistance to the reactionary reign of Theresa May.

Most of the small left-wing organisations in Britain called for a vote for Labour. The Trotskyist ones, such as the Socialist Workers Party and the Socialist Party, openly campaigned for the election of a Labour Government. The ones calling themselves Marxist-Leninist, such as the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist), have been more coy about where they stand. Only Revolutionary Praxis and the Revolutionary Communist Party publicly called for a boycott of the election on the grounds that such elections are a farce and do not give real power to the great mass of the people. The anarchists also regard these parliamentary elections as fraudulent but don’t bother to do much about them.

If a new “socialist” party emerges out of the Labour Party shambles then it is likely that it will be joined by many of the members of the existing Trotskyist organisations and revisionist “communist” organisations such as the Communist Party of Britain and the Communist Party of Great Britain. If Labour does not split then another possibility is that at least some of the Trotskyist and revisionist organisations will come together in a new electoral alliance – something like the old Trade Union and Socialist Coalition – to put up candidates in elections on a reformist programme. This could lead on to the formation of a new “socialist” party. What none of these leftist elements will do is call for a revolutionary way forward.

Long historical experience in Britain and other developed capitalist societies has decisively shown that capitalism cannot be undermined and socialist transformation begun by means of using the existing capitalist political system. The parliamentary road to socialism is an illusion. What is more, a growing number of people have seen through the fraud of parliamentary democracy and refuse to participate. At the same time it is clear that the whole capitalist system on a global scale is riddled with growing antagonistic contradictions it is incapable of solving. The necessity for revolution has never been so great. Strenuous efforts should be made to carry out revolutionary political work among the working class.

Revolutionary Praxis calls upon all serious revolutionary-minded people in Britain to come together to begin the process of creating a revolutionary movement and party. Contact us if you are genuinely interested. Our intention is to convene a forum of those who really want to make revolution as opposed to only talking about it.