Red Attack Issue 3

Red Attack

Dare to struggle, dare to win! 

No. 3 May 2017



The worldwide capitalist economic system was thrown into chaos by the financial crisis which erupted in 2008. Since then the economic performance of many regions has been sluggish with whole countries such as Greece smitten by poverty and mass youth unemployment. In the USA and Europe right wing, populist forces are on the rise as the old, liberal  politics of the ruling classes are failing to deceive the people.

The less developed countries have suffered economically and progressive regimes in places such as Venezuela and Brazil have failed to deliver significant improvements in the lives of the people.

At the same time rival imperialist powers – America, Britain, Russia, China, etc. – are in hostile conflict in dividing up the world in the interests of their ruling classes. In particular, their interference in the affairs of countries in the Middle East has brought death and destruction to the people of that region.

Meanwhile the unchecked environmental devastation brought about by unrestrained global capitalism threatens the very means of the future existence of humanity.

Great dangers and great opportunities

The working class and other oppressed people, such as poor peasants, face vicious economic and political attacks from the rich and powerful. This shows that our rulers feel unsafe and vulnerable. It also provides opportunities for us to strike back but if only we are prepared to do so. In India and the Philippines there is widespread armed insurrection led by the Communist Party of India (Maoist) and the Communist Party of the Philippines against reactionary governments.

Electing parties claiming to be radical into government is not the answer to our problems. In Greece the leftist Syriza Coalition was supposed to be resisting the EU’s austerity measures but in fact Syriza has rigorously imposed draconian cuts on the Greek people. The ballot box is not the answer to our urgent problems.

We need to face up to the fact that only preparation for revolutionary insurrection can get rid of the parasitic, capitalist exploiters who rule us.



The Labour Party and its Zionist Apologists

The British media has been in a frenzy over comments regarding Zionism and Adolf Hitler made by former Mayor of London and Labour politician Ken Livingstone. The reason the press and Labour establishment are so angered by Livingstone is that he has spoken the truth! The Labour Party itself is also heavily influenced by Zionist ideology and this has recently been exposed by an undercover journalist investigating the Israeli Embassy’s infiltration of Labour.

The Israeli Embassy has helped establish front organisations in the Labour Party to promote Israel’s murderous genocide and colonial occupation of Palestine. Leading embassy staff were exposed advising and suggesting how to organise and set up groups to influence Labour policy toward Israel and to discredit and hound those who oppose Zionist colonialism. They resort to slandering and smearing Labour members who oppose Israeli occupation and settlements through accusations of anti-semitism. This includes accusing Jewish people who oppose Israel as being anti-semitic. Anyone now opposing Zionism is banded as anti- semitic!

This trivialises real anti-semitism and racism and gags any criticism of Israel. In fact Zionism is a thoroughly racist, colonial ideology. Its purpose was to divide radicalised Jewish workers from other workers in Europe through claiming that Europeans of Jewish heritage have sole right to Palestine and are a separate race to others. It has led to a colonial apartheid regime and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. Black Jews from Somalia and Ethiopia are also treated as second class citizens in Israel.

The Zionist movement before World War II openly claimed that anti-semitic governments were desirable as this would lead to the expulsion of Jews from Europe and therefore the Zionist movement would be able to resettle them in Palestine as part of their colonial project. The Nazis found common cause with Zionists in supporting a Jewish protectorate in Palestine in the hope that all Jews would leave Europe. The Zionists also wanted the Jews to leave Europe and drive another people from Palestine rather than fighting to save and secure the Jewish people and culture in Europe. The world has witnessed this sort of colonial genocide before in Australia and America, The Palestinian struggle against Zionist occupation is a just one. All those anti-racists in Britain and who oppose Zionism should be defended from the current wave of slanders.




Britain’s Contempt for Ireland

The crisis the British ruling class faces over working out how to deal with Brexit has exposed their colonial bigotry and desire to continue occupying the north of Ireland. Britain leaving the EU has raised the prospect of the artificial border around the six counties of ‘Northern Ireland’ becoming a reality again with patrols, checkpoints and fences. Sinn Fein has called for a referendum for Irish unification as many now see the absurdity of Britain’s division of Ireland and continued inteference in the affairs of the country.

Theresa May has said “Britain will not remain neutral on Northern Ireland” clearly supporting the British occupation of the north of Ireland and its continuation. The Irish people must continue the struggle against the British ruling class and its bigotry.


Amerikkka: Hands Off Korea!

The United States is ratching up its bellicose actions against the peoples of the world. After air strikes on Syria their new Commander in Chief Donald Trump is sending an ‘Armada’ to the Korean peninsula to threaten the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) and demand it ends its nuclear weapons programme. The DPRK has every right to obtain its own nuclear deterrent because it has been constantly threatened for decades by the USA from South Korea with a huge US military presence along with nuclear bombers. In response the DPRK has had to be on a constant war footing. Indeed the Korean War never ended. There was only a ceasefire in 1953 and since then the country has been kept divided much to the benefit of the USA. Given what happened to Iraq, it makes every sense that any country the US disapproves of should have the ultimate deterrent. It now seems that it is not deterring their new administration of Trump and Pence. The need of US imperialism to take as many markets and resources as possible for its survival means wars against other nations are inevitable.

The Korean people rose up against US occupation and military dictatorship in 1950 and the ensuing Korean War killed over 3 million people. The US nearly lost the war until the United Nations with British and Australian forces interfered in the destiny of Korea and the war ended in stalemate and division. The north of the country was building socialism and the south was enmeshed in imperialism. But the Korean people have proved they will fight to the last to defend their sovereignty and independence, firstly against Japanese occupation and then against the USA. They will not be afraid to fight again if the US military top brass is stupid enough to ignore the nuclear deterrent.

China and Russia are supporting the US calls for the DPRK to abandon its nuclear weapons programme. None of these countries have the right to interfere in the destiny of Korea and they all have interests it taking what they can and plundering Korea if they could. China should stand by Korea in any war with the US as they did in 1950-53. It is also possible that the US ‘Armada’ to the peninsula is to ensure a future bridgehead to China and Russia through Korea.

The peoples of the world must stand in solidarity with Korea against US war and interference!




In 1967 a people’s armed uprising against the reactionary Indian state began in the village of Naxalbari in West Bengal. Poor, oppressed and exploited peasants seized land from their landlords and took up arms to defend themselves against Government armed police. Political leadership was provided by communist Charu Majumdar who was inspired by the experience of revolutionary people’s war as had been fought in China. The revolt spread to other areas and was eventually repressed. Even so, a new Maoist revolutionary force emerged; the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist).

Subsequently the Naxalbari revolt has inspired poor peasants to rise up against their landlord and Government oppressors in many parts of India. In 2004 the Communist Party of India (Maoist) was formed to carry forward the struggle and the various armed militia were consolidated into the People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army. Since then it has been waging a protracted people’s war against the reactionary Hindu nationalist state. The areas of insurgency are spread across a number of Indian provinces which have come to be known as the “Red Corridor”.

During the last few decades the Indian capitalist economy has undergone rapid economic growth. As always with capitalism, a few have benefited while the majority have not. There are now plenty of Indian billionaires and an affluent middle class has emerged. At the same time hundreds of millions of peasants have seen their livelihoods destroyed and their lands seized, especially the Dalits (untouchables). In addition the Adivasis, the original inhabitants of India who are outside of the caste system, are being driven off their traditional homelands by mining companies, including British ones, backed up by Indian Government armed forces.

It is not surprising that the Dalits and Adivasis form the core of the PLGA fighting units. Many of these brave comrades, including the military leaders, are women. These are among the poorest and most oppressed people in the world and yet they dare to fight back against their enemies. They are an inspiration to poor and oppressed people around the world.





One hundred years ago the most important political event in modern times occurred. The workers and peasants of Russia rose up and overthrew the old oppressive Tsarist regime. Despite being invaded by armies sent by the capitalist, imperialist powers such as Britain, the people, led by the Bolshevik Party defended the revolutionary regime they were establishing as well as defeating the armies of the internal White reactionaries.

Russia had been devastated in World War One and in the civil war following the revolution. Lenin and the other Bolshevik leaders hoped that the socialist revolution would spread to the advanced capitalist countries, such as Germany and Britain, so that the Russian socialist regime would get support from the working class in those countries. But this did not happen and by the mid-nineteen twenties the Soviet Union stood alone against a hostile capitalist world.


Some of the Bolshevik leaders, such as Leon Trotsky and his associates, thought that unless the new socialist regime got help from outside it would degenerate and collapse. Others such as Joseph Stalin, while recognising the difficult situation they were in, argued that it was possible to make a stand and begin the difficult process of socialist construction within Russia. After protracted debate within what was now the Communist Party of the Soviet Union the policy advocated by the group led by Stalin and others was adopted and from the late nineteen twenties put into practice.

During the nineteen thirties what had been a very economically backward country developed into a modern industrial economy. This was done by the Communist Party arousing mass enthusiasm for socialist construction among the workers and peasants. Great sacrifices were made by the people but this was necessary because, as Stalin pointed out, if they did not quickly create the industry necessary to produce modern weapons then they would be defeated by the inevitable invasion by the imperialist powers.

During the same period there was massive social transformation within Soviet society. At the time of the Revolution the great mass of the people had been illiterate but there was very large-scale educational development including a great expansion of higher education. The position of women greatly improved with many women becoming scientists and engineers. Medical services were developed and by the late nineteen thirties the Soviet Union had more doctors per head of population than did Britain. A flourishing cultural life emerged particularly in music and film.


These unprecedented achievements were accompanied by sharp class struggle both within the society at large and within the Communist Party. Many peasants tried to resist change by withholding food supplies to the cities. Many communists were purged from the Party, imprisoned and executed. There is no denying that some terrible things occurred during this period. At the same time some very wonderful things happened and as a result the Soviet Union was able to withstand the brunt of the Nazi assault during World War Two.

The economic, social and military achievements of the Soviet socialist system were an inspiration to oppressed people across the world and encouraged the anti-colonial national liberation movements which arose in the empires of countries such as France and Britain. The prestige of the Soviet Union among the working class in the imperialist countries such as Britain meant that their ruling capitalist classes felt compelled to concede many long-standing popular demands for progressive reform.

This was the first time that building a socialist society had been attempted so it is hardly surprising that it contained forces which would ultimately lead to its degeneration and the restoration of capitalism. The revolution in China was inspired by the revolution in Russia and it too after embarking on the socialist road eventually resulted in a reversion to capitalism.


Even so, the Great October Revolution showed that it is possible for poor people to rise up, overthrow their masters and begin to build a new and better society. The capitalist system under which we live is not able to adequately satisfy the needs of the people and the necessity of revolutionary change is as great as ever. We must challenge and surmount the barrage of reactionary propaganda which tells us that socialism is no good. One way to do this is make people aware of the enormous achievements of the Great October Revolution.

Long Live the Memory of the Great October Revolution!
















People’s Guerrilla Liberation Army Fighters


We are advocates of the abolition of war, we do not want war; but war can only be abolished through war, and in order to get rid of the gun it is necessary to take up the gun. Mao Tse-tung