Amerikkka: Hands Off Korea!

Amerikkka: Hands Off Korea!

The United States is ratching up its bellicose actions against the peoples of the world. After air strikes on Syria their new Commander in Chief Donald Trump is sending an ‘Armada’ to the Korean peninsula to threaten the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) and demand it ends its nuclear weapons programme. The DPRK has every right to obtain its own nuclear deterrent because it has been constantly threatened for decades by the USA from South Korea with a huge US military presence along with nuclear bombers. In response the DPRK has had to be on a constant war footing. Indeed the Korean War never ended. There was only a ceasefire in 1953 and since then the country has been kept divided much to the benefit of the USA. Given what happened to Iraq, it makes every sense that any country the US disapproves of should have the ultimate deterrent. It now seems that it is not deterring their new administration of Trump and Pence. The need of US imperialism to take as many markets and resources as possible for its survival means wars against other nations are inevitable.

The Korean people rose up against US occupation and military dictatorship in 1950 and the ensuing Korean War killed over 3 million people. The US nearly lost the war until the United Nations with British and Australian forces interfered in the destiny of Korea and the war ended in stalemate and division. The north of the country was building socialism and the south was enmeshed in imperialism. But the Korean people have proved they will fight to the last to defend their sovereignty and independence, firstly against Japanese occupation and then against the USA. They will not be afraid to fight again if the US military top brass is stupid enough to ignore the nuclear deterrent.

China and Russia are supporting the US calls for the DPRK to abandon its nuclear weapons programme. None of these countries have the right to interfere in the destiny of Korea and they all have interests it taking what they can and plundering Korea if they could. China should stand by Korea in any war with the US as they did in 1950-53. It is also possible that the US ‘Armada’ to the peninsula is to ensure a future bridgehead to China and Russia through Korea.

The peoples of the world must stand in solidarity with Korea against US war and interference!

US out of the Korean peninsula!