The Housing War is a Class War!

In London today the tiny minority of rich people are waging a vicious housing war against the great majority of working class and lower middle class Londoners:

There is a growing shortage of affordable homes for ordinary people while construction of offices and luxury apartments, many of them empty, is booming.

The massive rise in house prices means that millions of Londoners, many of them with quite good earnings, will never be able to afford to buy homes.

Private landlords are charging extortionate rents for what is often sub-standard accommodation, packing people into rooming houses like sardines.

Many people whose work is vital for running essential businesses and services are being driven out of London. Then they face expensive travel costs to get to work.

Instead of building affordable homes local councils are selling off and demolishing council housing estates to make space for shopping centres and housing for high income groups.

In London today one of the most basic human needs, shelter, is not being adequately provided.


The type of society in which we live, capitalism, is one based on the exploitation of the great majority of people by a few very rich people. Capitalist owners of land, construction companies, property, banks and estate agents are in a position whereby they can extort exorbitant profits from the rest of us, the great majority of the people who are the real creators of wealth. In Britain today the gap between the rich and the poor is rapidly growing with millions in London struggling to survive on National Minimum Wage.

Politicians such as Boris Johnson and Sadiq Khan are on the side of the rich. The mainstream political parties – Tory, Labour, Liberal Democrat – have shown themselves as incapable of dealing with the housing crisis. Any vote for them is a vote for capitalism.


Firstly, we should go on the offensive in the housing war by seizing and occupying the empty apartments and offices, many of them owned by rich speculators not even resident in Britain.

Secondly, we need to begin building a revolutionary movement to overthrow the capitalist system so that we can start to create a truly humane society, socialism, leading on to world-wide communism, where we would live in harmony and where people’s real needs are properly provided for.