Stop Britain’s Wars!

The British State is once again meddling in the affairs of other countries. Not content with the destruction it has rained down on Iraq and Afghanistan over the past 13 years, it is now carrying out new rounds of attacks.

War on the People

The British state wants to keep control over Iraq and destroy any resistance. It uses the excuse to carry out military action under the name of the ‘war on terror’. The main terrorists are NATO of which Britain is a leading member and founder. Britain is also arming Saudi Arabia to the teeth in its vicious war against the Hothi people in Yemen.


The civil war in Syria is a very complex situation. The US, Britain, France, Germany and Russia have all intervened in order to be on whichever side they think might win and therefore guarantee them a share in the loot. None of these powers defend the interests of the Syrian people or people anywhere on the planet. This rivalry among the imperialist powers leads to wars against each other. NATO forces have been bombing countries in the Middle East and now Russia is bombing Syria to protect its interests. These powers hypocritically denounce each other for war crimes.

War is good for business, bad for the people

Military spending and fighting wars is good business for defence firms such as BAE Systems and they are the true winners in any war ‘hot’ or ‘cold’. Britain is the world’s second largest exporter of arms. It’s time that we, the working people, put a stop to it! It does not benefit us and certainly not those people on the receiving end of these wars.

We must fight for the interests of the people

We the people must stop these wars ourselves and not expect the politicians to want to or be able to stop them. We should:

  • Call on members of the British armed forces to disobey orders.
  • Ask awkward questions to politicians who encourage the sale of arms to bloodthirsty  regimes.
  • Cause trouble for the arms businesses.
  • Take direct action against Drone and RAF bases.

Demonstrations are not enough. This was proved in the run up to the Iraq war. We must go further.

We must directly sabotage our rulers’  anti-people wars!

Dare to struggle dare to win!



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