Why Britain Needs Migrants

Many people think that major problems we face are caused by migrants. This is not true. In fact we need migrants to keep our society going.

MIGRANTS are mainly young, healthy people who come here to work. As well as contributing to the British economy they pay taxes and national insurance but make little use of welfare services. They put more into this society than they take out.

MIGRANTS do many of the low-paid, unpleasant jobs that British people avoid if they can such as crop harvesting and cleaning. Many work in social services looking after old, sick and disabled people. Around one quarter of NHS staff are migrants. The answer to low wages is for the Government to enforce minimum wage laws and for the trade unions to get their act together and defend the pay and conditions of all workers in Britain.

MIGRANTS are conspicuous working in construction helping to build homes in Britain where there is a chronic housing shortage. We need these skilled workers because not enough British people have been trained to do this work. The housing shortage has been brought about by the disastrous policies of successive British governments starting with Margaret Thatcher selling off council housing in the nineteen eighties.

MIGRANTS increase the size of our population and this stimulates economic growth. Countries with static or declining and ageing populations tend to have a poor economic performance. This is the main reason why Germany has taken in a million Syrian refugees: to boost their economy.

MIGRANTS increase the diversity and cultural richness of a society. The British people are made up of successive   waves of migrants, e.g. Irish, going back over two thousand years. As the descendants of migrants we should welcome newcomers to our communities.


Racists such as Nigel Farage, “Boris” Johnson, Michael Gove and others try to mislead and deceive us that our problems are caused by migrants when in fact it is the racists and the rich parasites they serve who are the real problem.

  • Britain and Europe as a whole are in an economic mess because of the financial crisis in 2008 caused by bankers and speculators, the friends and relations of Government ministers. It was their unbridled capitalist greed which caused the economy to crash.
  • It is ordinary people who are being forced to pay off the massive debts run up by the bankers. This is done by cutting spending on our public services in order to pay off the bankers the Government borrowed money from so as to bail out another lot of bankers. The poor are being robbed to pay the rich.

By turning working people against each other racism stops us uniting to oppose our common enemy; the capitalist ruling class, the tiny minority of big business owners, e.g. pension fund robber Philip Green, who oppress and exploit all of us, especially migrant workers.