Iraqis and Iranians rise up against capitalist oppressors


The wave of unrest in Iraq aiming to overthrow the corrupt and divisive political system installed after the invasion in 2003 culminated in the assassination of Iranian General Soleimani who was present in the country. For weeks the people of Iraq have entered the streets and participated in civil unrest against the continued interference of the US and Iran in the country and their corrupt government. The US has of course had a military presence in Iraq since the invasion of 2003, but the Islamo-fascist regime in Tehran has wasted no time in spreading its influence through its proxyies in the country. This they have also done in Lebanon, Palestine and Syria where they have given ample help to Assad’s murderous fascist regime. The Iraqi Government has already killed over four hundred protesters and feared losing control. Recently they have been moving closer to Iran whose stooges the ‘Popular Mobilisation Forces’ are wasting no time in taking advantage of the unrest for the benefit of Iran’s ruling class. It was reported that protesters in the south of Iraq chanted ‘No to American and Iranian Occupations’. The US and Iran are both exercising great power chauvinism in Iraq and the people are fighting back. In Iran itself the regime faces mass opposition and unrest. General Solemani who was in command of the PMF in Iraq was killed in a directed and deliberate US missile attack on 3rd January. All this appeared to do at first though was to boost support for Iran’s regime even from its opponents as it was seen as an attack on Iran in general. However Solemani was a key figure in the Islamo-fascist regime and a right hand man to Ayatollah Khamenei, the so called ‘spiritual leader’ of the Iranian state. So no leftist should waste tears for this brute. Although Iran made much of his death, dampening down the recent unrest. In the days following tensions were high in the region with both the US deluded President Trump and the Iranian regime sabre rattling. This led to the tragic shooting down of a Ukrainian International Airlines passenger jet by the Guard for the Islamic Revolution of Iran. Killing all the passengers, this was at first denied by the Iranian regime until the evidence became overwhelming and they had to admit it and went to great lengths to apologise and promised compensation to the relatives of the dead. This blatant 380 degree turn and revelation led to huge demonstrations and riots against Iran’s regime only days after it looked like it had died down since last months unrest which began against rising petrol prices. Protests also spread to universities. The police responded by firing live ammunition to disperse the crowds.

In Britain the response to the US-Iran dispute was to be expected with a shabby demonstration in Trafalgar Square by the fake-leftist leaders of ‘Stop the War’ demanding an end to a war with Iran, of which there isn’t one! The old worn out leadership represented by Tariq Ali, Corbyn and Selma Yacoub were present to deliver the usual speeches. It appears they gave no vocal solidarity to the people of Iran who are at war with oppressive Islamic Republic or the people of Iraq facing off the same Islamic Republic and its paramilitaries as well as the US imperialists. The fake leftists of course close their eyes to the great power chauvinism of Iran because it is ‘anti-imperialist’; in other words it is against Western states. But Iran too has imperial ambitions in the Middle East. As the US is now weak and feels unable to take on Russia in the region the Iranian regime has wasted no time in spreading chaos in Iraq and Lebanon through its proxy organisations and their Islamo-fascist ideology. The fake leftists in the West hate oppressed people outside of their own European states rising up against tyrants. They hate any change and this makes them thoroughly reactionary and conservative. They always know what’s best for these oppressed people and if they challenge the status-quo then they must be stooges for US imperialism or some other sinister conspiracy. They really do believe that the US is all powerful and controls everything, which ironically is exactly what the US ruling class wants people to think!

The people of Iran and Iraq have had enough of local tyrants, great power chauvinists and military interventions of the Western powers. This is the real war in the Middle East. The Iraqi people have forced their Prime Minister to resign and have rejected any of the proposed replacements. Long may the struggle of the Iranian people continue against the fascistic Islamic Republic until it is overthrown. They certainly won’t care about any fake leftists in the West bemoaning the fall of tyrants.

The last few weeks has witnessed violent protests across the globe against oppression, exploitation, and economic hardship: in Chile, Ecuador, France, Lebanon, India, Iran, Iraq, Spain, Egypt, Bolivia, Venezuela and Hong Kong. People across the world have taken to the streets against rising prices, political incompetence and oppressive governments. In India they have witnessed one of the biggest general strikes in history against the racist Modi regime. The strike included 250 million workers. People around the world are standing up against the capitalist class.