General Election Special:


Here’s to a hung Parliament!

Hang ‘em high!

It’s General Election time in Britain again. The Circus is in full swing again and it appears everyone is already fed up with it. Embattled Boris could no longer get anything through Parliament and suffered more defeats in only three months then any other previous prime minister’s tenure. Staggering from one disaster to the next the Tory government no longer had any Parliamentary majority, unable to do any deal with other Parties or with the EU leaders. What does this state of affairs demonstrate? That even if Parliament can’t organise anything the state continues as normal. The state machinery does not require elected politicians to function.

The Tory Party appears to only stand on ‘get Brexit done’ and very little else apart from the usual empty promises about improving the NHS. The even more reactionary Brexit Party admits it is a single issue campaign. In particular the bosses are attempting to make Brexit the major issue and hope to cover over the affects of austerity, poverty and declining wages. The whipping up of nationalism from the Brexit camp is thoroughly backward and reactionary, whether it is coming from the right wing Brexit Party, Johnson or the fake left ‘Lexit’ brigade. When capitalism is interconnecting the world more than ever before and the working class is more international in composition it is futile to try to drag society backwards into the borders of the old nation states. The politicians cannot even do this even if they wish to. The blame which Farage likes to heap on migrant workers is a cynical ploy. The British ruling class knows full well that its economy could not survive without exploiting workers from other countries as well as its own. This is not to say that the expansion of jobs means these jobs pay decent wages or provide enough hours to survive on. But the capitalist class in Britain and world wide need to keep wages as low as possible. Most migrants now come from beyond the European Union and are therefore not subject to the same labour rights. If British bosses like Farage and Johnson can get Britain out of the EU then it means more workers will no longer be subjected to the labour rights agreed across European countries and more workers from beyond Britain will have to enter on visas, unsure of how long they can stay, often subject to wage pay lower then the minimum wage and forced to work long hours in bad conditions. Their scapegoating of migrants to get out of the EU is just an attempt to strip foreign workers of the few rights that British workers have.

Labour is placing itself as the alternative promising a big increase in public spending, promising hundreds of thousands of council homes, a four day week, second referendum, reversing anti trade union laws and renewing Trident nuclear weapons system. The experience of Labour governments should indicate that spending on Trident will be the top of their priority! While they talk of increasing corporate tax, they still boast it will be at 19%, less then the 36% under Thatcher. They also promise to maintain Britain’s position as a leading arms manufacturer. We must be prepared to fight to get any benefits and anything for free from any bosses, private or the state they are both capitalist employers and will only want to increase our exploitation and drive down wages. Despite Corbyn’s leftist rhetoric and calls for social justice, most of his MP’s are thoroughly opposed to him.

In fact both Tory and Labour parties would have to borrow large sums of money from international banks if there is a no deal Brexit. Either way the ruling class is preparing for such contingencies whether it be under Labour’s moderate social democratic proposals or the Tory Brexit plans. People are so confused and fed up that there could be a hung Parliament again. At least that would expose how little influence they have over the system at all. It will not save them from contradictions inherent in the capitalist system. In the age of global capitalism it is impossible for any politicians to solve these problems such as falling wages and climate change while attempting to solve them when confined to national borders. The system makes it impossible for the capitalist class to cooperate or to evenly develop technology to improve human existence across the planet. It is only an international and united struggle of the working class which could hope to overthrow capitalism and bring about socialism.

While we must defend the civil liberties we have gained and universal suffrage we must be clear and honest to people that we cannot entrust these rights to our ruling class and we have the right not to vote for these politicians who can do nothing. The elections are not really that democratic or representative. The politicians represent the monopolies and businesses and their interests. Instead of taking part in this election circus we should withdraw from it to show our opposition to the system which is creating vast inequalities, poverty, ill health, stagnant economic growth and the threat of war.

In the distant past when the old feudal system headed by the absolute monarchy became a suffocating grip on the Parliament of the nobles and merchants then the people led by Cromwell and the Puritans rose up against the monarchy and its supporters. Now capitalism based on wage labour and exploitation is stifling democratic rights and needs overthrowing. The wealth is concentrated into the hands of a fewer and fewer number of capitalists. Its high time we rose up again. Voting wont get rid of it