The emergence of imaginatively named ‘Brexit Party’ by the former commodity broker Nigel Farage has attracted the support of many people who feel betrayed by the lack of progress leaving the EU following the 2016 Referendum. It has also attracted veteran Christian fundamentalist MP Anne Widdecombe, opportunist career politician come celebrity George Galloway and degenerate Trotskyite Claire Fox. This gathering is presented as a protest movement against the political establishment’s betrayal of the Referendum.

This has prompted the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist) to give its backing to this reactionary band of careerists. Apparently backing a City of London veteran like Farage is an act of ‘anti imperialism’.

The CPGB (ML) quoting Galloway in agreement with him that Farage is not necessarily a racist for supporting Brexit. Farage also opposed the war on Iraq and the bombing of Syria. Not that he was an MP in Parliament to vote against the latter anyway and where was he on the demo against the Iraq war? Despite support for Brexit not necessarily with racism, the fact remains that Farage is a racist! He is also a thoroughly anti-communist conspiracy theorist who believes the left and Islamic extremists work hand in hand to undermine western Christian civilization. He has whipped up anti-migrant rhetoric from his media platform which he appears to have whenever the bosses decide he needs to be wheeled out to create division and fearmongering.

Now accoding to the CPGB (ML) his latest opportunist political venture is going to help sow the seeds of downfall for British imperialism, which is what they also claimed about Trump vis a vis US imperialism. The ruling class is not stupid. They may be divided over Brexit but they will not allow this to destabilise British imperialism. This is one reason why they have so many versions of Brexit. One may harm one interest of one section of the ruling class and another may gain. For the capitalist state it will be a headache to draw up new trade agreements but it is not impossible. Imperialism is a world system, and as Lenin and Bukharin pointed, out it matters little about the agreements and arrangements between different imperialist governments. It is still an interconnected world system and the contradictions between various ruling classes based in different nations will lead to conflicts and wars. Through Brexit British capitalists will join new international trade agreements and deals.

Workers will lose jobs and austerity will still continue whether Britain is in or out of the EU. The Remain-Brexit disagreement between the bosses has split the working class in Britain. This is another ploy by the ruling class to distract us from public sector cuts, attacks on the poor, the disabled and education services. For leftists or those who call themselves “communist” to support so wholeheartedly one side or the other is to tail the British capitalists.

Farage has been one if the chief protagonists on the Brexit side and has used his euroscepticism to promote old little Englander myths around the greatness of British imperialism, the lie that immigrants are flooding the country and threaten the safety of women and that they are a financial drain. The truth of course is that British imperialism has done very well from migrants and exploited them to the full. Indeed if the British bosses come out of the EU they can take even more workers from oppressed countries beyond Europe and have them working on precarious visas on less wages. The racism of Farage will only benefit the bosses and their profits.

In no way can support be given to a venture by Farage in the name of ‘anti imperialism’. He is an arch imperialist, a capitalist and cynical careerist who seems very keen on continuing with his job as an MEP. He is using nationalism to divide the working class between those who were born in Britain and those who migrated here. The CPGB (M-L) has become nothing but an apologist for his nationalism. Most of what the CPGB (ML) spouts today is basically what is spouted by Russian state run media outlets and not based on any materialist analysis. Long ago they became apologists for Russian imperialism and now via Farage for British imperialism as well. This is an old worn out leftist argument of ‘lesser evilism’ and ‘if you don’t like my imperialist then you are my friend’. It just leads to a thoroughly reactionary dead end.

Leftists and communists should give no support to Farage and his Brexit Party. The elections are a circus to distract us. We should give no support to the bosses’ parties.

Boycott the EU elections!Brexit and Remain are bosses’ divisions.

Don’t let them divide workers!

Workers of the world, unite!

Revolutionary Praxis May 2019