Euro Election Farce


In Britain on 23rd. May elections of candidates to the European Parliament will be held.  This is a body of little real significance.  Most people have never heard of the Members of the European Parliament (MEP’s) who are supposed to be representing them.  This is partly because this body has very little real power.  It mainly rubber stamps policies put before it by the bureaucrats on the unelected European Commission.

The United Kingdom is in the process of leaving the European Union so those elected are not likely to be in the job for long.  Even so while there they will receive an annual salary of £78,000 plus very generous expenses.  This is an important reason why people such as Nigel Farage are anxious to obtain these mainly powerless positions.  They want the money!


Democracy means rule by the people but more and more people in Britain are realising that the present political system does not really give us control over our lives.  The elected politicians rule in the interests of the rich capitalist class,  the tiny minority who control the economy in this society.  The laws made help people such as Richard Branson to stay rich and get richer at the expense of ordinary people.  While these capitalist parasites live off the backs of their employees, many of the latter earn so little they are forced to use food banks.


On 23rd. May we should treat our rulers with the same contempt that they show towards us.  Don’t pay them the compliment of voting but stay away from the Polling Stations.  The less people that vote, the more it will undermine the authority of these self-seeking politicians who serve the rich and powerful.

What we should be doing is fighting in our workplaces for better pay and conditions.  We should be fighting against local councils who have been remorselessly cutting our local services.  We should be preparing for the day when we rise up against our masters, overthrow them so that we can begin building a better type of society where the great mass of people really do take control of their lives, i.e. socialism.