Oppose All Racism

Racism is the claim made by some people from an ethnic or national group that they are superior to other people. Racists  claim a right to treat other people as they please.  Racists do not respect the rights of other people.  In the past, in the days of the British Empire, British governments thought that they had a right to oppress and exploit peoples living in many parts of the world, particularly in Africa and Asia.  This was racism.


For centuries the Jewish people have been subject to hatred and oppression from various racists including the Christian churches.  This culminated in the German Nazi led holocaust in World War Two in which millions of Jewish people were systematically murdered.  Despite the world-wide exposure of this great crime there are still many people stirring up  anti-semitic racism.  Anti-semitism should be exposed and opposed wherever and whenever it appears.  It is an enemy not just of Jews but of all human beings.


Zionism is the doctrine which emerged in the late 19th. century claiming that Jewish people have a special right to live in Palestine even if this means displacing the other people already living in that region.  It asserts that Jews have a right to set up a Jewish state there even if the other inhabitants oppose it.  It is a form of European colonialism. Since its foundation in 1948 the Israeli state has killed many thousands of people and displaced millions more.  Zionism is a thoroughly reactionary racist doctrine which is opposed by many Jews including some who were born and bred in Israel.  Like other forms of racism, it should be fought against.


Zionism is strong within the Labour Party with many Labour MP’s and lords, some of them Jewish, being members of the pro-Zionist Labour Friends of Israel group.  These people vigorously support the oppressive policies of the Israeli State against the Palestinian people.  They try to shut up people who criticise Zionism by calling them “anti-semites”.  It is also true that there are many Jewish members of the Labour Party who are vigorously opposed to Zionism.

The Zionists have successively whipped up a wave of hysteria about the Labour Party being riddled with anti-Semitism.  This is not true but it serves to shut up critics of Zionism.  Also this campaign, which has been taken up by the mainstream media, is aimed at discrediting Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn with the aim of preventing a Labour government with even mildly reformist policies from being elected.  The truth is that Zionism is an extreme, right-wing political doctrine which loves capitalism and hates socialism. It is a racist doctrine and that makes people who embrace and support it racists.