International Youth Rebellion Against Ecocide

I Thousands of students and school children across the world walked out of their schools in protest at the continuing degradation of the planet and the catastrophic acceleration of climate change. In Britain up to 15000 went on strike, up to 70000 a week are carrying out such demonstrations of anger. There has been a continuous protest by young people since August last year against the policies of the big powers on dealing with climate change caused by human activity. This was a coordinated activity across the world from Australia, Belgium, the US and Japan and thousands marched demanding a safer future for themselves and their future children. It is clear to many of them that there is major ecological crisis afoot and that the ruling class is incapable of doing anything to halt or deal with it. The strike was given support by over 200 academics who have acknowledged the complete ineptitude of the politicians in dealing with the climate crisis.

Predictably the British Prime Minister Theresa May denounced the strike claiming some sob story that the action would create a bigger workload for teachers! In fact it is the British government who is heaping huge workloads, paperwork and targets on teachers. The school strike recalls the school strikes in 2003 against the invasion of Iraq. The youth have shown themselves again to be in the vanguard. It is they who will suffer the most from the ecocide which is being perpetuated by the capitalist mode of production.


In its endless drive for accumulation of surplus value capitalism produces untold and unnecessary waste, commodities, pollution and habitat destruction. It is now widely accepted and known that this is causing the planet to heat up through the release of CO2 as a by product of energy production, automobile use and agriculture. This is now happening faster than life on earth can adapt to such changes. This in turn is cascading into further disruption in the ecological balance of the planet which could render it uninhabitable for most species. We are now living through an ecocide of unparalleled catastrophe! The earth is an interconnected system. Every living thing on this planet is an integral part of it and cannot live without any other. This includes humans who are the most conscious aspect of the planet.


It is probably not possible to reverse the damage done. But if this system is overthrown and increasingly it undermines it’s own existence, then society can be reorganized in a planned and harmonious means with the biosphere. We can actually use technology to harness the power of the sun to power what is essential to keep intelligent life developing and we can use our knowledge to adapt to the challenges we already face from climate change that has already occurred.  Many environmentalists today blamed humans for even embarking on the road of technological development. This is foolish and backward as humanity cannot be blamed for attempting to find a means of improving its lot and increasing its survival. The knowledge we have developed means that we now recognize how we must change the relationship with the rest of the planet and the other animal life. Some of the liberals in the West like to complain that the Earth is overpopulated especially in the Third World. But it is not the people of the Third world countries who create the most demand for energy and goods which produced CO2 emissions it is those in the richest countries. The point is not to be motorists but to recognize there is a dire necessity to prevent this ecocide by moving to overthrowing capitalism and bring forth communism. 


The youth are the only hope for the future of humanity and the political responsibility is now passing to them. The contradictions in capitalism will grow even more pronounced including the contradiction between the planetary system and the by products of capitalist accumulation. We feel confident that many of the youth who are rebelling today for the future will go on to lead workers and oppressed people tomorrow and overthrow this decaying and parasitic system which is leading to ecocide.