Answers to Section 2: Materialism

Answers to Section 2: Materialism pp. 9-15 

A 14 Matter, objective reality.

A 15 For the idealist it is the ideas that we hold which determine the nature of the world around us while for the materialist our ideas are a reflection of a world which exists independently of whether or not we are conscious of it.

A 16 Objective reality given to us by our sensations.

A 17 Practice. The development of genetically modified crops, the development of drugs to cure diseases.

A 18 Laws of the development of society.

A 19 Because it is guided by knowledge of the laws of development of society.

A 20 Its economic life, the ways in which people collectively produce their material needs.

A 21 Its material life, the ideas and outlooks generated in the course of economic activity.

A 22 The uniqueness of individual persons, competition is the normal and typical condition among people, human nature does not change.

A  23 Democracy, individualism, entrepreneurship.

A 24 Ideas claiming that capitalism is the best social system hamper development and socialist ideas criticising capitalism are facilitating social development.

A 25 The development of the material life of society, i.e. changes in the economic system.

A 26 Revolutionary theory is needed to guide revolutionary practice to change the world. The appropriate social theory is Marxism-Leninism.

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