Al Quds Day Protest

The annual Al Quds Day march took place in London on 10th. June. The English Defence League/ Football Lads Alliance and Zionists attempted to disrupt the march. They were outnumbered and this was a good show of solidarity with Palestine and some speakers voiced militant sentiments as compared with those expressed on ‘Stop the War’ type demos of the liberal left. The Zionists and fascists it appears are emboldened; in particular by the fake “anti-semitism” witch hunt hysteria, media Muslim baiting and attacks by mainstream politicians like Sadist Khan (Mayor of London) denouncing Palestinian resistance as “terrorism”

Revolutionary Praxis attended this demonstration and there was a small contingent of other leftists including the Revolutionary Communist Group, Football Against Apartheid and the New Communist Party. However there appeared to be little support from the left at large or the organised anti-fascist groups. The youth on this demonstration appeared well organised and undeterred when they defended marchers against the fascist and Zionist disruption.

These youth were mainly working class, mainly Muslim but stood up to the Zionists and were displaying solidarity with the national liberation struggle of Palestine. Much of the left on Britain only sees the working class as white and forgets or maybe does not wish to see that there are many ethnic minorities who are not as depoliticised and see a connection with the struggle against imperialism in other countries. This is important to recognise as many of the most oppressed workers are from ethnic minority backgrounds, many Muslim and Muslims are currently the main scapegoat for the bourgeois media. Some degenerate groups like the anarchist ‘Class War’ openly pander to anti-Muslim sentiment. It may be that there is a lot of unconscious Islamophobia on the left as we have seen quite a few leftist groups denounce all those who rose up during the ‘Arab Spring ‘ as Islamic fundamentalists and equating them all with Isil and Al Quada, especially in Syria. It is a bit much for people in imperialist countries to denounce others rising up for democratic rights, the majority of whom are Muslims as ‘fundamentalists’. There is also little support on the left for the Afghani resistance to NATO led by the Taliban.

Mainstream media and politicians in all the major parties constantly denounce resistance by people in predominantly Muslim countries as “terrorism”. It is important to struggle with workers against anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant sentiment in order to build class solidarity and effective resistance to the British imperialist state.

Down with Zionism!  Victory to the Palestinians!

Pro-Palestine supporter at the Annual Al-Quds March in London, UK, on 10 June 2018 in support of the oppressed people of Palestine. (Photo by Alex Cavendish/NurPhoto)


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  • Many Muslims commemorate Al Quds Day by protesting against the Israeli occupation of East Jerusalem where the Al Quds mosque is located
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