May 1968 Events in France

To the Maoist Parties, Organizations and Comrades of Europe and the World,

The year 2018 marks the 50th anniversary of the 1968 uprisings that shook the world. These uprisings echoed the greatest revolutionary experience to date: the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution which started in the People’s Republic of China in 1966.

In the French state, these events have marked the proletarian movement in general, with strikes of more than ten million workers, and the Maoist movement in particular, with the emergence of organizations based on the Mao Zedong Thought. It is our duty, as a Maoist organization, to draw conclusions on the proletarian practice of 1968 in order to build the communist movement in the French State.
Bourgeois propaganda, wishing to stifle at all costs the cry “It is right to rebel! ” insists today on secondary themes such as spontaneity or sexual liberation. It shows only student rebellions and wishes to give a petit-bourgeois character to 68. We want to draw a dividing line with this trend. We insist on 68 as a protracted, proletarian and internationalist process.

68 in the French state is not “May 68”, it is May-June 68, because it was in June that the most determined clashes took place against the overseers of the proletariat and the lackeys of the trade union leaders who had signed accords with the reactionary government. It was in June that the working class suffered its martyrs.

68 is also the embryo of proletarian power in the form of striking committees, especially in the west of France, which began to manage the daily life and to give orders.

68 is a proletarian revolt, as evidenced by the use of tactics of general strike and factory occupation. This revolt went beyond the revisionist and opportunist scopes and it was the working class that rose up against the betrayal of the Grenelle Agreements.

Finally, 68 is not an exception or a unique moment in the French state. In China of course, but also in the revolutionary struggles in India, the Philippines, the United States, Mexico, Italy, the Federal Republic of Germany, the Revisionist Eastern Bloc, in the resolute struggle in Vietnam, in Japan, Turkey, the Spanish state, Scandinavia, all the anti-imperialist and revolutionary battles have been loud and clear.

Long live the proletarian uprisings of 68! Long live proletarian internationalism! Long live our guide of action, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!