‘Regeneration’ is social and ethnic cleansing!

Imperialism, which is the monopoly phase of capitalism, has committed untold horrors throughout the planet. In the past it carried out the naked enslavement of peoples in Asia, Africa and South America, through colonialism it carried out ethnic cleansing and genocide, ruins agriculture in South East Asia forcing millions to migrate and continually shifts manufacturing around the world pushing millions into uncertainty and instability. All this accompanied by devastating wars. These areas of the world are held back in underdevelopment by the imperialist powers like Britain and the USA.

Workers from the oppressed countries are forced to seek work wherever they can or face destitution, starvation or ruin. Many travel or are trafficked to the centres of the imperialist states such as London. They work in services, as domestic servants, in travel, and manufacturing along with many workers born in Britain. But often the capitalists value the labour of migrant workers below that of British workers and the migrants are treated with contempt. They now face another threat, along with British workers, and that is the social cleansing of the inner cities.

The working class, that is those who must sell their labour for wages with no control over their work, are the proletariat. This class of proletarians whether they are migrants or British born are all exploited by the capitalist class in Britain as in other countries. Many workers in London lose much of their wages through ever exorbitant rents, being forced into crowded accommodation often of poor quality. The ruling capitalist class has no intention of solving the housing crisis. In fact it will make it worse! The ruling class in the imperialist countries themselves is now unleashing a new onslaught against the oppressed nationalities and working class, attempting the wholesale cleansing of the inner city just as they drove native peoples from their colonised lands, as Israel is carrying out today against the Palestinian people. The imperialist state now wishes London to be colonised by the global rich and wealthy executives and drive out the working class.

The capitalist state, local government and property developers are united in their attempts to wage this war of social cleansing upon us. They are threatening the council housing sector which also houses the elderly, sick and disabled, forcing up private rents even more with the building of more luxury apartments to make the area more ‘attractive’ for property speculators! Already there are enough buildings and dwellings to house all people in Britain but much of it is under used and poorly geographically distributed leaving thousands homeless because of the commodification of housing stock. Hundreds of thousands of workers and the poor are being expelled from their homes. National minority communities are being destroyed in the process. What will replace these dwellings will be a sterile, corporate, glass desert for rich white men and their flunkies. The urban space will have been expropriated by property speculators!

Campaigners fighting to save areas of London under threat of so called ‘regeneration’ are deluded if they think asking the Labour council to be nice and stop the destruction of the area will work. The council represents the ruling class and will only serve its interests. That class must be OVERTHROWN

Only direct action can begin to try and prevent their plans. The multinational proletariat of London must be united against them. Whether they call themselves Labour or Tory, it is the same old story! These councils are trying to outdo the Luftwaffe in their destruction of London. The ethnic cleansing which will result from ‘regeneration’ is no different to what the SS did in Eastern Europe. Workers of London stood up to the Nazis. Now we must stand up to our ruling class. The local authorities represent the property developers and the interests of the rest of the capitalist class. We need to drive them out of town!

The only way we can defeat them and stop social cleansing which is happening in every major city across the world is to overthrow the imperialist-capitalist system and establish a socialist republic ruled by the working class and oppressed, I.e. the victory of the proletariat over capitalism. This will be the dictatorship of the proletariat over the old capitalist class and its servants. Imperialism is a world system organised into international bodies such as NATO and the IMF and will only be defeated when the working class can establish socialism on an international scale. Only when an international dictatorship of the proletariat has been established then can we develop socialism to its highest stage of communism ending the system of private ownership, wage labour and ending classes, national and gender oppression.

Workers of all nationalities unite!

Stand firm against social and ethnic cleansing!

Expropriate the expropriators!