Great October Revolution in Leningrad

On 7th. November 2017, one hundred years after the Bolsheviks deposed the Provisional Government in Petrograd, communists demonstrated to celebrate this great historical breakthrough.

The United Russia regime led by Vladimir Putin has been doing everything it can to expunge the Russian people’s memory of their revolutionary past. The 7th. November was a public holiday to celebrate the October Revolution but in recent years its name was changed to a day of Unity and Reconciliation – between the Reds and the Whites according to Putin! Now the holiday has been moved to 4th.November to coincide with an important holy day in the calendar of the Russian Orthodox Church. Even so comrades in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg again) mobilised in defiance of the billionaire Putin.

We formed up outside the famous Finland Station where Lenin was greeted by the people on his return from exile in 1917. The demonstration was led by the Russian Communist Workers Party and other Russian communist groups. About five thousand people were present and they constituted a sea of red flags and banners. There was a significant international presence, especially Germans, Turks and Nepalese. The age composition of the demonstrators ranged from teenagers through to old pensioners with walking aids. There was a lively militant atmosphere with much chanting of slogans.

The demonstration moved off in the direction of the battlecruiser Aurora which fired the shot signalling the start of the uprising to overthrow the Provisional Government. Hundreds of police were present but they were not in combat gear and held up the traffic for us on our route. By the side of the Aurora there was a speakers’ platform and screen and we held a rally. The speakers were interspersed by live musical presentations, both individual singers and choirs. It was a very moving occasion.

Meanwhile in Moscow the revisionist Communist Party of the Russian Federation held a conference and rally. This organisation, which still attracts a significant vote in Russian elections, supports the Russian Orthodox Church and defers to Putin to a considerable degree. Thus it is hardly surprising that revisionist “communists” from Britain, from organisations such as the Communist Party of Britain and the New Communist Party, were attracted to these events.

Capitalism has been well and truly restored in Russia. The inequality of the distribution of income and wealth there is probably even greater than in Britain and America. Thus the material basis for a revival of revolutionary consciousness exists and the spirit of communism is being kept alive as shown by this militant demonstration.



Report back of demonstrations on occasion of the centenary of the Great October Revolution