Picturehouse Dispute

Members of Revolutionary Praxis were pleased to join striking cinema workers on their picket earlier this month on Monday 6th November. The action marked the latest development in a long running dispute with the management of the Picturehouse cinema chain. Despite wide industry and customer support the company has continuously refused staff demands for a Living Wage, sick and maternity pay and trade union recognition.

While the profits of the parent company, Cineworld, have trebled in the past three years, those working across the chain continue to live in poverty. With rents and other living costs sky-rocketing, the demand for a London living wage is vital. Cinema worker Andrea noted, in an interview with ITV News on the day, that many workers are struggling to pay the rent at the end of the month and given the rocketing profits, ‘we know they can afford it’.

The picket line was met with solid support from many customers with lots taking the time to express their solidarity with the demand for a wage employees could live on, and their disgust with the behaviour of the cinema management.

The management of the Picturehouse chain know that this dispute and others like it are a test case, with the potential to show that workers can take on multimillion companies and win. These workers need our support and solidarity now more than ever – their fight is our fight.

Follow the campaign for a Living Wage for Picturehouse Central Staff online: https://www.facebook.com/CentralLivingWage