The Other Imperialists: Britain and Russia

While it is clear to most progressives that US imperialism is the most aggressive and hegemonic imperialist power in the world today, many have overlooked or even tailed the other imperialists and their machinations. All the imperialists are a source of war as they were in 1914 and 1939. None offer progress or liberation for Read more about The Other Imperialists: Britain and Russia[…]

US and NATO imperialists launch missile attack on the Syrian regime

The US, British and French imperialists launched a co-ordinated missile attack against Syria – avoiding Russian forces -on April 14th 2018, claiming they are upholding international ‘law’ on chemical weapons. The real aim is to contain and weaken the fascist Assad regime which has been backed up and saved by the Russian state as part Read more about US and NATO imperialists launch missile attack on the Syrian regime[…]

The Catalonian Situation

THE CATALONIAN SITUATION AND SOME COMPARISONS WITH SCOTLAND In considering any political issue from a Maoist perspective the focus should be on what is in the objective interests of the proletariat, not just within one particular locality but throughout the world as a whole. This is particularly so given the increasingly globalised character of the Read more about The Catalonian Situation[…]