A Day of Hope? May Day Statement 2020

On May Day 2020 humanity is faced with several related threats: the Covid-19 pandemic, growing environmental degradation and continuing wars. HEALTH CRISIS In an increasingly globalised world infectious diseases spread more widely and quickly than in the past.  Many public health care systems have proved to be inadequate in dealing with this current health emergency.  Read more about A Day of Hope? May Day Statement 2020[…]

Iraqis and Iranians rise up against capitalist oppressors

I The wave of unrest in Iraq aiming to overthrow the corrupt and divisive political system installed after the invasion in 2003 culminated in the assassination of Iranian General Soleimani who was present in the country. For weeks the people of Iraq have entered the streets and participated in civil unrest against the continued interference Read more about Iraqis and Iranians rise up against capitalist oppressors[…]

Chile: Twenty Nine Years After

By: Nano, A Chilean comrade For many people, like myself, watching actual images from the streets of cities and towns across Chile, sort of brings back memories of the fight against the Pinochet-led civilian-military brutal dictatorship thirty odd years ago. The aim of the repression was to neutralise the threat posed by the protestors back then and Read more about Chile: Twenty Nine Years After[…]

China: From Revolution to Reaction

By the early twentieth century China, once the richest society in the world, had been reduced to a state of destitution.  Most of its people lived in extreme poverty.  This had been brought about by exploitative landlords and the domination of foreign imperialist powers such as Britain and Japan. From the early 1920s onwards the Read more about China: From Revolution to Reaction[…]