Communists Win Local Elections in North Kurdistan (Turkey)

Ever since the early nineteen seventies Maoist communists in the Kurdish region of Turkey have been engaged in intense class struggle against the Turkish state. There has been continuous guerrilla warfare with the communist fighters operating out of the mountains. The whole area is under occupation by the Turkish Army. There are military fortifications and Read more about Communists Win Local Elections in North Kurdistan (Turkey)[…]

International Youth Rebellion Against Ecocide

I Thousands of students and school children across the world walked out of their schools in protest at the continuing degradation of the planet and the catastrophic acceleration of climate change. In Britain up to 15000 went on strike, up to 70000 a week are carrying out such demonstrations of anger. There has been a Read more about International Youth Rebellion Against Ecocide[…]

The Urgent Necessity for Communism

It is becoming increasingly clear that scientific estimates of the rate of global warming are rising. What is more, the causes of this alarming trend are human activities, especially the burning of fossil fuels. We are now living in the anthropocene, an era where the principal causes of changes in our natural environment are brought Read more about The Urgent Necessity for Communism[…]

US Threatens Venezuela!

US imperialism is once again aggressively asserting its hegemony in Latin America. The Trump administration has sought to break free of previous international alliances and agreements so that the US state can act even more aggressively without having to bother with the niceties of diplomatic procedures. The US has declared that the ‘legitimate’ President of Read more about US Threatens Venezuela![…]