Debate on International Communist Movement Policy 1936-1941

Revolutionary Praxis and Socialist Fight are holding a debate and discussion on the international policy followed under Comintern direction during the period 1936 to 1941. In particular attention will be paid to the Spanish Civil War, the Nazi-Soviet Pact of 1939 and the formation of a National Government in Britain in 1940. All interested persons Read more about Debate on International Communist Movement Policy 1936-1941[…]

Celebrate the Great October Revolution

CELEBRATE THE GREAT OCTOBER REVOLUTION! One hundred years after the Great October Revolution the need for fundamental, revolutionary change in the world is greater than ever before.  Now is the time to remember and celebrate the great historical breakthrough which occurred in Russia – as an inspiration for a new revolution. FOOD   DRINK   LIVE MUSIC  Read more about Celebrate the Great October Revolution[…]

The Great October Revolution: Remember and Celebrate!

THE GREAT OCTOBER REVOLUTION: REMEMBER AND CELEBRATE! In 1917 the workers and peasants of Russia rose up and destroyed the oppressive Tsarist regime under which they lived.  Despite invasion by imperialist powers such as Britain the people, led by Lenin and the Bosheviks, beat off their enemies and set up the first lasting socialist regime Read more about The Great October Revolution: Remember and Celebrate![…]