‘Regeneration’ is social and ethnic cleansing!

Imperialism, which is the monopoly phase of capitalism, has committed untold horrors throughout the planet. In the past it carried out the naked enslavement of peoples in Asia, Africa and South America, through colonialism it carried out ethnic cleansing and genocide, ruins agriculture in South East Asia forcing millions to migrate and continually shifts manufacturing Read more about ‘Regeneration’ is social and ethnic cleansing![…]

Race or Class? Political Consciousness in Britain Today

Patterns of voting in the EU Referendum raise questions about types of political consciousness present in Britain today. (The data presented here mainly comes from the survey of 12,369 people conducted on polling day by Lord Ashcroft Polls.) For the seventy-two per cent of the registered electorate who voted fairly clear tendencies were present among Read more about Race or Class? Political Consciousness in Britain Today[…]

Corbyn’s Victory and the Demise of the Labour Party

It will not have failed to grab the attention of anyone who has even a vague interest in politics that on 12th September Jeremy Corbyn, MP for Islington North was elected leader of the Labour Party in England. The left has declared this a great victory for the working class and for socialism, indeed the Read more about Corbyn’s Victory and the Demise of the Labour Party[…]

What’s Wrong with CND?

Trident replacement is high on the political agenda. Before long the House of Commons will vote on whether to go ahead with this massively expensive programme to manufacture more nuclear weapons of mass destruction. On 27th. February the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament is holding a national demonstration to urge MP’s to vote against Trident. I Read more about What’s Wrong with CND?[…]