October Revolution Concert at Royal Albert Hall


In this year’s season of the BBC Promenade Concerts there are some works being performed which relate to the Great October Revolution in Russia in 1917. In particular at 19.30 on Sunday, 3rd. September there is a performance of Sergei Prokofiev’s ‘Cantata for the Twentieth Anniversary of the October Revolution’ at the Royal Albert Hall. It will be performed by the Mariinsky (formerly Kirov) Orchestra and Choir from Leningrad (St. Petersburg) conducted by Valery Gergiev.

BBC Radio 3 has a long-standing record of disseminating propaganda denigrating the Soviet Union in general and Joseph Stalin in particular. Hardly a day passes without the announcers and guests making derogatory remarks about Stalin and the socialist state he led. Much of this material is ill-informed and factually inaccurate. What is never mentioned is the rich, mass musical culture which was developed and flourished in the USSR producing many world class composers and performers.

This year’s Proms provide an opportunity to combat Radio Three’s anti-communist, reactionary propaganda. At the performance on the evening of 3rd. September Revolutionary Praxis will be distributing leaflets to members of the audience as they enter the concert hall. These will criticise the BBC’s anti-Soviet distortions and draw attention to the musical achievements of socialism in the Soviet Union. Also the concert-goers will be offered small hammer and sickle flags to wave at the end of the performance of the Cantata.

There are twelve entrances to the Albert Hall so we need quite a few people to give out leaflets to achieve maximum coverage of the audience. Volunteers are called upon to help with this action. Assemble by 18.30 at Entrance/Door 3 on the side of the concert hall.

All the seats for this concert are sold out but it is possible to get in as a ‘Promonader‘ This entails queuing on the evening of the concert, paying only £6 and being able to stand in the Arena area in the centre of the auditorium. Also a ticket for the Arena can be bought online on the morning of the performance. But simply helping with the leafleting would be a worthwhile task.

In this 100th. anniversary year of the Russian Revolution reactionary elements are seizing the opportunity to attack the whole communist revolutionary project. Revolutionary Praxis calls upon revolutionary and progressive-minded people to join with us in taking advantage of this occasion to defend and uphold the world-historical breakthrough begun in Russia in October 1917.

Come along yourself, inform and mobilise as many people as you can to participate.




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