Another Opportunist Outing

G In December 2019 George Galloway announced the formation of a new political organisation, the Workers Party of Britain (or is it “Great Britain”?) which claims to be “socialist”. In its programmatic statements the WPB rejects the Corbynite project within the Labour Party which it characterises as “as fully integrated into the workings of the Read more about Another Opportunist Outing[…]

Iraqis and Iranians rise up against capitalist oppressors

I The wave of unrest in Iraq aiming to overthrow the corrupt and divisive political system installed after the invasion in 2003 culminated in the assassination of Iranian General Soleimani who was present in the country. For weeks the people of Iraq have entered the streets and participated in civil unrest against the continued interference Read more about Iraqis and Iranians rise up against capitalist oppressors[…]