Obituary to Ross Longhurst aka ‘Harry Powell’

Obituary: Ross Longhurst 1941-2020 It is with great regret that we heard our comrade Ross Longhurst (aka Harry Powell) had passed away on 28th September 2020. Ross was a dedicated Communist and upholding proletarian internationalism when many others discarded it in favour of tailing nationalism of all kinds. Ross remained politically active until the last Read more about Obituary to Ross Longhurst aka ‘Harry Powell’[…]

Against Religiosity in Politics

AGAINST RELIGIOSITY IN POLITICS Religious beliefs and practises in contemporary Britain appear, for the majority of people, to be in sharp decline. Adherence to and participation in the main Christian denominations has greatly diminished in recent decades. It seems that for secularists in Britain we are well on the way to “a battle won”. Yet Read more about Against Religiosity in Politics[…]

Tory Toms

All of the political parties represented in the British Parliament claim to be opposed to racism. But in their actual practice this is far from being the case. Ever since the time when David Cameron became its leader, the Conservative Party has gone to considerable lengths to ensure that it has a number of Members Read more about Tory Toms[…]

Black Lives Matter Anti-Racist Movement Sweeps the Globe

SLAVE TRADE Following the brutal murder of George Floyd by the police in the USA there has been a massive upsurge in anger and frustration at the endemic racism in the world. It is highly likely that the suffocation of Floyd by a US cop was the result of racist attitudes which for centuries have Read more about Black Lives Matter Anti-Racist Movement Sweeps the Globe[…]